[Mono-list] VistaDB ... will Data Builder Utility run in Mono 1.2 ?

Anthony Carrabino ac at vistadb.net
Mon Jan 22 19:37:58 EST 2007

Please go easy on us ... this is our first time in the Linux world :)

- we assume users will develop on Windows and deploy apps to Mono.

- VistaDB Data Builder and Data Migration Wizard (the tools) are 
  developed using C# for .NET 2.0. That means, you will need 
  .NET 2.0 installed on your system to use our tools. 

Other points to understand:
- VistaDB 3.0 is developed in C#. The engine uses .NET 1.1 features.

- the engine includes a built-in T-SQL query processor, ADO.NET Provider
  and Direct Data Access objects (i.e. live cursors using objects)

- the Mono support is handled via VistaDB.NET11.DLL -- the same assembly
  for .NET 1.1 runs unchanged on Mono 1.x

Data Builder is a WinForms application. Work would need to be done to 
get this working natively on Mono. 

Anthony Carrabino

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The VistaDB (as mentioned on mono site and in mono blog) will support
Mono 1.2 as of this weekend.

Does anyone know if the 

VistaDB 3.0 Data Builder Utility (Full C# source code included)

works in Mono 1.2 ?

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