[Mono-list] Gnome in C# and Mono, What do you think?

Carlos Adriano Portes xcap2000 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 08:39:26 EST 2007

In my opinion Gnome should be developed using mono and c#, it is
standard and would help gnome to improve very much, kde is develop
mainly in C++ and it is productive because it ts based in one
language, if gnome was developed using one language (and a productive
one) it would give the oportunity to improve gnome in many ways:

1-More programers would join the developers team.
2-Gnome applications would be developed faster than usual.
3-The quality and number of gnome applications would grow.
4-Would eliminate the gap between Gnome and Kde (being a Gnome user
does not mean that Gnome is better/worse than kde) in some cases.
5-Some other that you friends could imagine...

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