[Mono-list] System.Drawing.Image serialization

Oleg Deribas thisaddressisnotmine at td.selfip.net
Fri Jan 19 09:24:01 EST 2007


Sebastien Pouliot said the following on 19.01.2007 15:42:

> Looks like it, if MS can serialize an Image so should Mono. Please fill
> a bug into bugzilla for this.


> But note that it's very likely that Mono and MS serialized images won't
> interoperate (different internal representation) and it's also a
> wasteful way to send the image. 
> You should look at saving the image into a stream (e.g. as a PNG image),
> serialized the stream, then re-created the image from the stream on the
> other end.

Thanks for the tip.


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