[Mono-list] Mono and Dreamweaver

Rodrigo Ordonez Licona rodrigo at xnet.com.mx
Wed Jan 17 23:24:35 EST 2007

I am new to Mono and C#, and would like to know if someone has been able to
develop for Mono with dreamweaver, I read a post somewhere that someone
compiled Dreamweaverctrs.cs (tried searching the list..  ),
... trying to do so,
I get:

The type or namespace name `UI' does not exist in the namespace
`System.Web'. Are you missing an assembly reference?

Noticed that the System.web.UI folder does not exist on our linux Machine.

Found This declaration at the CS file, 
public class DataSet : System.Web.UI.UserControl
Any Light would be greatly appreciated.
Rodrigo O


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