[Mono-list] Nullable types in web services

Oleg Deribas thisaddressisnotmine at td.selfip.net
Wed Jan 17 11:28:18 EST 2007


Atsushi Eno said the following on 17.01.2007 17:49:

Thanks for your answer.

>> Here is output from the latest mono + mod_mono using xsp2:
>> And here is what I've got from IIS and ASP.NET 2.0:

I'll skip XML for better readability.

> So, what's the problem? They are exactly equivalent.

Yes, they are equivalent in XML sense, but wsld.exe from microsoft's SDK
generate different C# proxies for GetNull method:

when web service is running under ASP.NET:
public System.Nullable<int> GetNull()

and running under xsp2:
public int GetNull()

>> So, is there any possibility to make nullable types work in xsp2?
> Against your expectation, it is already working.

But I can't get it to work. Could you please explain what I should do to
get the same results from ASP.NET and xsp2?


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