[Mono-list] Is the Form.MouseClick event not implemented?

Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Mon Jan 15 15:32:55 EST 2007

It is a 2.0 addition, so compiling it with mcs will not work.

As 2.0 is under development, the event had been added to Control, but 
was not being called anywhere.  I added the call in so that it should 
work as of SVN r71080.


Maser, Dan wrote:
>    I'm using a very recent snapshot tarball of mono (the Jan 5th, 2007 
> one to be specific) and when I add a MouseClick handler to a Form it 
> doesn't appear to get triggered.   I noted that I was compiling with 
> gmcs, and I tried using mcs so I could see if that made a difference.    
> My simple test app wouldn't even build with mcs, it said 
> "System.Windows.Forms.Form doesn't contain a MouseClick property".    
> This doesn't strike me as something that would be unimplemented, but is it?
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