[Mono-list] Establishing a Mono Comprehensive Archive.

Matthijs ter Woord matthijsterwoord at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 12:03:21 EST 2007

I personally feel, that there should be a leading board of the archive (the 
archive further being referenced as MCA, the leading board as "the board")

The actual contained projects and categories should then be determined by 
the board. The infrastructure of the MCA should then provide a means of ACL 
which, for each projects assigns a maintainer, so that the actual binary 
contents can be put up by the project itself.

The binary (and eventually source) distribution could imo go using 
BitTorrent, this will has the following advantages: the MCA doesn't need to 
have a large internet connectivity for distributing the actual data (of 
course, would be better if it would), the projects themselves can reference 
the same torrent on their project pages.

One important thing (IMO) to consider is, that it is to me, very important 
to keep support for other platforms (mono-linux, mono-osx, mono-windows, 
msnet-windows) open. This way, people on windows using MCA, can see if a 
given project is supported on other platforms as well....

Just my single cent...


Matthijs ter Woord

"Andreas Färber" <andreas.faerber at web.de> wrote in message 
news:1F24CBA9-77A4-489D-B824-391942DFC3DB at web.de...
> Am 11.01.2007 um 03:06 schrieb Christopher Granade:
>> On some other discussions here on [Mono-list], there has been talk of
>> establishing a site that would aggregate all sorts of open-source .NET
>> libraries and developer tools, a la CPAN or CTAN. Since many of the
>> projects which offer such packages are hosted through sites like
>> Google
>> Code, GNU Savannah or SourceForge, a site which redirects users to
>> CVS/SVN repositories for a project might be desired. Does anyone have
>> any ideas about this, the time to start work on a project?
> Some time ago I suggested a directory like Apple's Mac OS X downloads
> (http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/). Categories could include
> compilers, database connectivity, reporting. Miguel liked the idea at
> the time but it was never discussed who might host it, how it's
> developped etc.
> A Mono-CAN as suggested now would probably mean hosting tons of
> binary downloads, involving a lot of work to keep it up-to-date thus
> usable, whereas a user-edited and reviewed directory would probably
> mean less maintenance work but more upfront development time...
> Actually, both approaches wouldn't necessarily contradict each other
> - a Web directory is directed at users for the purpose of more easily
> finding new libraries and tools that could then be obtained either
> through an automated Mono-CAN system or through the classic
> distribution channels.
> Concerning names for such a site, instead of using an abbreviation or
> acronym we could just as well call it something more literary like
> The Monkey House or Tools For Primates or whatever. ;-)
> Andreas
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