[Mono-list] Mixed programming languages

tom potts madtom1999 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 28 04:03:35 EST 2007

I've always felt slightly robbed when its said that a
project has to be all in one language in .NET of all
environments having mixed and matched languages in
projects before - when we had .o in the build path.
Would it not be possible (with partial classes?) to
actually have a project or a library built using
different languages. 
They all compile to the same underlying code and
certain languages make certain assumptions but there
is nothing theoretically impossible in the idea of
mixing languages.
Granted it might impose further requirements in the
code but to have a VB.NET programmer extend something
written in C# without having to convert the code could
be a massive plus for mono.
I say this as someone who had to learn VB.NET when I
was already fluent in C# and now stutter in both languages..

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