[Mono-list] Widgets (not Gtk.Window) with Glade?

paulomorfeo at portugalmail.pt paulomorfeo at portugalmail.pt
Fri Feb 23 05:00:58 EST 2007

  Is it possible to "link" advanced GUIs with Glade? That is, Glade-Connect
something that is not a Gtk.Window to mono? How?

  I want to add versatility to my GUIs without having to right extensive code.
Right now, i am using a method of creating widgets that load the parameters
(borderWidth, Spacings, Expand/Fill, Text/Label, etc) from a class of
parameters, that itself loads from a file. Effective but requires some extra
code and that every single property of the Widgets that i may possibly want
changed in the future to be added.
  I tried Glade and it seemed pretty good. I can make the Glade files fast with
the program Glade, i can, later, add properties i feel like without having to
worry at first code time to add all possible properties, change them without
recompiling program, etc.

  The problem is that, in my GUI creations, i always end up using a method of
creating my own widgets, usually classes derived from V/HBox/Frame, which i then
add where needed.
  An example, i created my own class derived from Button, receiving an image and
label to have buttons with Images and Labels at will. Just an example, since
most are complex, like an entire Login area that i can add to any container i
feel like.
  How do i connect to such kind of "special" widgets with Glade? I tried
creating an example with Glade inside a Window. Then, have a class
Glade.XML.Connect to the widget inside that window that i wanted (was a
ToolBar). The problem was that, later, i could not add that class to, for
example, a Table/V/HBox because that class was not Widget.
  Then i tried making that class derive from Widget and, that time, it did
compiled but did not worked as expected. I think it complained about it trying
to connect to something not Window.

  So, is there any way i can use Glade to connect to and use Widgets that are
not the common Top Levels (Gtk.Window), even if i have to go do some editing to
the .Glade files?
  That would be extraordinarily helpfull.

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