[Mono-list] error on FileInfo.CopyTo() / .MoveTo()

larsfp register at falk-petersen.no
Mon Feb 19 18:20:43 EST 2007


i use this code to copy files from one dir to another:

		DirectoryInfo diSource;
		DirectoryInfo diTarget;
		diSource = new DirectoryInfo(txtFrom.Text);
		diTarget = new DirectoryInfo(txtTo.Text);
		if(!diSource.Exists || !diTarget.Exists) {
			Console.WriteLine("dir does not exist");
		foreach(FileInfo f in diSource.GetFiles()) {
					Console.WriteLine("copying " + f.FullName 
						+ " to " + diTarget.FullName);
			catch(IOException er) {
				Console.WriteLine("copy failed " + er.Message);

but it prints:
copying /home/lars/temp/test1/testfil to /home/lars/temp/test2/
copy failed Win32 IO returned 82. Path: /home/lars/temp/test1/testfil" or


i am running ubuntu with latest version from repository (then why is it
talking about win32?). get this result on all versions i've tried.

any other ways of copying/moving files?
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