[Mono-list] Question on System.Windows.Forms

Huub huubvanniekerk at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 10:10:03 EST 2007


For some time I'm trying to build an example program (HelloWindows) on 
both Windows2k, Ubuntu and FC6. So far, I only succeed on Windows. On 
both Ubuntu and FC6, I get the message that the directive Windows.Forms 
doesn't exist. However, I also installed f-spot on both FC6 and Ubuntu 
and I found out that Windows.Forms is one of its dependancies (it works 
great on Ubuntu and crashes on FC6 at importing). So Windows.Forms is there.
So, my question is: what should I do to get this directive working, 
either on commandline (mcs/gmcs) on with MonoDevelop? I've tried to find 
out searching internet, but haven't found anything usable (yet).

Thanks for helping out.


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