[Mono-list] Problem to launch an assembly

AlicVB alic.vb at laposte.net
Tue Feb 20 12:23:28 EST 2007


I have a little problem to launch an .NET2.0 assembly under Linux 
(Debian Etch) :
If i start Xterm and i write 'mono Myprog.exe' : No problem.
But if i try to associate .exe files with 'usr/bin/mono', Nothing appends.

So I've tried to make a little script file :

/usr/bin/mono /home/.../Myprog.exe

And it's the same : if i start the script directly : nothing append, but 
if I start xterm and i write 'Myscript', everythings OK.
I check the right on my script and my .exe : i have all ...

Thanks for your help.


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