[Mono-list] Managed equivalent of memset?

Antonello Provenzano antonello at deveel.com
Tue Feb 20 07:47:23 EST 2007


Managed code is by definition "managed", that means the memory is
handled by the VirtualMachine: so you can't operate on the memory
You should try to look for an "unsafe" (if you don't know what
'unsafe' means in such context, read the manual...) solution, that
could be found around somewhere by googling a bit.


On 2/20/07, Frederik Carlier <frederik.carlier at ugent.be> wrote:
> Hi,
> As a quick introduction, I'm trying to convert a C++.NET wrapper around
> HTML Tidy to C#, because of the lack of a C++.NET compiler for Linux.
> I'm by no means an expert in unmanaged code, but things are going well.
> I am, however, hitting a problem with a struct. The C++ code that
> initializes the struct reads as follows:
> [C++]
> m_errbuf = new TidyBuffer;
> memset(m_errbuf,0,sizeof(TidyBuffer));
> tidySetErrorBuffer(m_tdoc,m_errbuf);
> Re-creating the struct and calling tidySetErrorBuffer is easy enough,
> but what is the managed equivalent of memset? If I just 'omit' the
> memset line, I get the following failed assertion:
> mono: src/buffio.c:184: tidyBufPutByte: Assertion `buf != ((void *)0)'
> failed.
> Thanks,
> Frederik.
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