[Mono-list] xsp2 line numbers in stack trace?

Ben Joldersma ben at joldersma.org
Mon Feb 12 14:02:46 EST 2007

Okay, so I grabbed mono 1.2.3, and moved the code into the App_Code to
trigger auto-compilation.  I am able to get line numbers now.

Unfortunately, the other assemblies that I reference in the project are not
providing line numbers.  This would be very nice to have, and makes me
wonder what directories are being searched for the mdb files?  Maybe I can
just copy them in myself?


On 2/12/07, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at ximian.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> > And have debug set to true in my web.config compilation element.  One
> > thing to note, is that I'm compiling my assemblies independent of the
> > auto-compilation behavior in mono 1.2.
> Then you need to compile with -debug command line option to the
> compiler.
> > In addition to the assemblies in the bin folder, there is an
> > accompanying mdb file.  Should there be anything else?  Do I need the
> > xml documentation files?
> Only the mdb file.
> I wonder if we are copying the files to a new location, and not copying
> the mdb files (this is a question for Gonzalo, I dont know the answer).
> Miguel

ben joldersma
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