[Mono-list] Nothing happens with mono-service and EventLog.WriteEntry

Michael Schurter michael at susens-schurter.com
Thu Feb 15 10:35:10 EST 2007

On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 22:06 +0100, Gert Driesen wrote:
> What part is clumsy about it ? I started working on an MWF gui for the
> eventlog which basically is a light-weight version of the windows
> EventViewer.

I guess I expected a syslog-like backend.  I find the EventLog in
Windows a lot less useful and harder to read than syslog in general, so
for me have a 100% accurate implementation is a bad thing.

However, I discovered this little snippet of code should keep Windows
happy as well as give me the syslog support I love:

private void SmartLog (string message)
	int p = (int) Environment.OSVersion.Platform;
	if ((p == 4) || (p == 128)) {
		// UNIX - Use Syslog
		Mono.Unix.Native.Syscall.syslog (
		} else {
			// Windows - Use EventLog
			EventLog.WriteEntry (message);

Obviously not the most "robust" solution, but its a quick and easy hack
to make everyone happy!  ;)

> You can find this in the winforms-tools svn module.

I'll have to check that out!  While I've already professed my love of
syslog, there's definitely a lot of room for improvement in the logging
world.  Thanks for all of your hard work and help!

> Gert

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