[Mono-list] odbc in multiprocessor system

Glen Ford glen.ford at spinvox.com
Wed Feb 14 09:18:03 EST 2007

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
>> Has anyone stuck problems with using ODBC against a multiprocessor 
>> system?  Our system runs fine on a single core, but when moved to a 
>> multiple core machine we get crashes under xsp2 with various stack 
>> traces pointing towards System.Data.Odbc.libodbc (example snippet below)
>> We are using unixODBC compiled threadsafe and thread-safe Informix 
>> libraries.
>> Before raising a bug I thought I would just see if anyone else has 
>> experienced similar.
> We are running a Mono application on a multiprocessor LINUX host that
> connects to an Informix 10.00.UC4 Dynamic server via unixODBC and the
> IBM Informix driver (libifcli.so).
> mono-core-, unixODBC-2.2.11-19
> I haven't seen any exceptions related to ODBC connectivity.  Well,
> except when I botch it. :)
Interesting are you using 64-bit?  libifcli.so doesn't work for me - we 
are using clit09b.so

We have mono 1.2.3, unixODBC-2.2.11-19 (x86_64) and Infomix 10.00.FC6

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