[Mono-list] Announcing the Registrar project.

Chris Granade cgranade at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 01:10:27 EST 2007

Since Mono provides an emulation of the Windows registry, I started to
make a registry editor using Mono and Gtk# so that developers can edit
the Mono "registry." This has the side benefit of being a (hopefully)
improved registry editor even under Windows/.Net. That said, I am not
an experienced developer, and would like to invite the Mono community
to download and play with some of my early alpha versions at

I hope that you enjoy using Registrar. If the project interests you,
please send feedback to me either directly (cgranade at gmail.com) or
through the Issue Tracker.

Finally, thank you for being a very supportive community for open
source development. I have asked quite a few questions with regards to
Registrar here on mono-list, and have always been pleased with how
friendly and knowledgeable I have found the Mono community to be. Once
again, thanks for being there and for helping out.

Christopher E. Granade

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