[Mono-list] [ANNOUNCE] Call for beta testers and developers on Minosse RDBMS

Antonello Provenzano antonello at deveel.com
Mon Feb 12 06:58:50 EST 2007

Dear Fellows,

About 3 years ago I founded the project Minosse, the first example of
a fully functional embedded RDBMS written in C# language, presented as
master thesis at university.
For a couple of years I actively developed, although I wasn't really
experienced in managing such this kind of project and after a while it
came to death.

Since, between all the projects I started and developed this is the
one I heart the most, couple of month ago I decided to resume the
development and I came across a "stable" version of the library.

What I'm asking to you is to take a look at the project and setup some
little test cases and potentially give me suggestions, or even more
help me, for the development and the bug-fixing (or documentation if
possible) of what is left before having a stable release of the

You can find more information about Minosse, plus SVN repository, on


Thank you all for all the consideration you will give the project and
the help you'll decide to give me for the development.


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