[Mono-list] Proposal: Monodevelop month of hacking

"Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ] "Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ]
Sun Feb 11 18:03:06 EST 2007

C. Bergström escribió:
> [...]
> I'm not sure how many Mac Mono hackers there are, but in the short bit 
> of time I spent on irc. I did see a number of them complain about the 
> required dependencies and also that it was pretty unstable.. How many 
> hidden Mono Mac users are really out there..?

As well as Mac hackers, I'm sure MonoDevelop would get much many users
and contributors if in next release the Mono Project releases installers
for Win32. Some people, like my case, have no choice for the moment and
must use Windows at work, so using & contributing MonoDevelop applies
only to spare time.

Just my 2 cents ;)


	Andrés	[ knocte ]


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