[Mono-list] mod-mono-server crash

"C. Bergström" cbergstrom at netsyncro.com
Sun Feb 11 12:49:22 EST 2007

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>> I have found that running through XSP2 directly we do not experience any 
>> crashes, but using mod-mono we do.
>> I have seen at least one bug on mod-mono load issues - is anyone 
>> actively persuing these issues?
> I would like to add: if you observe a crash, we want to know the details
> about it.   Please file a bug report in bugzilla.ximian.com so we can
> track this.
> Provide as much information as you can on the bug report.   Remember
> that we do not have access to your machine, your setup, nor do we know
> anything about your application, so please describe the issues there.
Download siege and run it against xsp for about a minute..

Here's the iostat output while doing so.

You can see it gets pretty cranky at line 172 forward.  This was at 100 
concurrent requests.  My general obversation is..

15 concurrent requests is no problem with xsp - all day
100 and you will crash in a fairly short time - couple minutes
300 I haven't had it take the testing server down, but it becomes pretty 
unresponsive - 1-10 secs

I can fairly accurately reproduce this any time.. Basic pages and using 
<%@ OutputCache Duration="6000" VaryByParam="none" %>

Using a basic page I don't actually get a backtrace from xsp, but it 
doesn't recover after you see that server unavailable message.  Which 
actually makes it much harder to deal with and recover.  I would poke 
and debug it more if I had time.


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