[Mono-list] What is a valid combination of Mono and its Debugger

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Feb 11 08:35:50 EST 2007


> We are trying to make use of the Mono Debugger, but when we start it,
> instead of breaking into the main C# method it stops into native code
> and doesn't seem to be aware of the C#...I assume this is what bug
> entry 80503 is all about
> [ http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=80503] .

To use the debugger you will need at least Mono 1.2.3

This was a problem because the debugger depended on the "mono" binary
from having debugging symbols.  But we ship "mono" without debugging

A patch was added in 1.2.3 that allows the debugger to debug
applications even when "mono" has been stripped from debugging


> What would be a valid combination of releases of Mono and the
> Debugger?
> None of those seem to be working for us:
> On Redhat Enterprise 4 Update 4
> MDB 0.30 rpm on Mono 1.1.16 rpm
> MDB 0.31 rpm on Mono 1.1.16 rpm
> MDB 0.30 rpm on Mono rpm
> MDB 0.31 rpm on Mono rpm
> MDB 0.31 src on Mono src
> (note: our sample code was compiled using mcs -debug)
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