[Mono-list] strange error with mono 1.2.3

luca morelli luca at lucamorelli.it
Sun Feb 11 05:18:48 EST 2007


                reinstalled mono 1.2.3 on fedora core 5, recopied the
mono.conf file in the apache conf directory and all applications that was
running with mono 1.2.2 and im' starting to try them.

                I open this application, using the login form the
application authenticate me (forms authentication )correctly using mysql
database and show the menu with some hyperlinks, I select the page and I see
this error.

                What's wrong? The application was running fine with 1.2.2.

                Best regards,

                Luca morelli



Parser Error

Description: Error parsing a resource required to service this request.
Review your source file and modify it to fix this error. 

Error message: 
Type not found. 

File name: /var/www/html/filiera/Adesione.aspx    Line: 33 

Source Error: 


                <td>in qualit di</td>


                    <asp:DropDownList ID="QualitaCb" runat="server">

                        <asp:ListItem Value="1">Titolare</asp:ListItem>

                        <asp:ListItem Value="2">Affittuario</asp:ListItem>

                        <asp:ListItem Value="3">Legale


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