[Mono-list] web services (soap) doesn't work too well when using SSL?

Rune Elvemo rune.elvemo at 3way.no
Fri Feb 9 04:19:20 EST 2007

Thanks, that really did help!
mozroots made my day :)

Now I can go on dealing with SOAP the easy way.

Lauri Kotilainen wrote:
>> But I'm not responsible for the server side of this. I'm only writing a
>> client using the service. And simply searching for 'ssl' mono's page
>> doesn't return anything.
>However, a search for "root certificate" on the site does. Try this
>article: http://www.mono-project.com/FAQ:_Security
>Also, you should understand that the root certificates are required on
>the client side too, otherwise the client couldn't verify the
>authenticity of the server's certificate. Or something to that tune.
>> Besides, the error was the it was unable to connect, not that some
>> certificate had expired. I guess that .Net in windows would complain too
>> if that was the case.
>I'd wager that MS.NET can use all the root certificates IE knows
>about. If you take a look at the article I linked to, you'll probably
>note the instructions on how to import the root certs from Mozilla
>using mozroots.

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