[Mono-list] Handling Microsoft Access databases

Frederik Carlier frederik.carlier at ugent.be
Thu Feb 8 07:30:02 EST 2007


For various reasons, my application needs to interface with two
Microsoft Access "Applications". These databases are created by external
developers and closed source.
However, I do need to write some extra views to get some useful
behaviour out of them. Because I can't modify the original database, my
solution until now (on Windows) has been to create a new Access
Database, import the original database using linked tables and then add
my own view in the newest database. Changing the database links has been
proven to be doable using ADO.

Clearly, on Linux there is no such thing as Microsoft Access for Linux,
no such thing as ADO (not ADO.NET -- it doesn't support updating linked
tables), and so forth.
I was wondering if there was a way around this. Is there any way to use
something like "linked tables" under Linux? How well are Access
databases supported in Mono (mind you, I can not convert the databases
to another format or do other funky things)? If not, does any of you
know of another database program in which I can reference an Access
database and add my own views?



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