[Mono-list] FileChooserButton complaints and finding a shorter path

paulomorfeo at portugalmail.pt paulomorfeo at portugalmail.pt
Wed Feb 7 12:28:19 EST 2007

  I am using a FileChooserButton and mono stable (1.1.13, i think).
  1- When i assign it a path (basically the executuon path + direction of a
folder inside it), it sends a "Critical" error to the console:
Path example: "C:\Docum...\...\...\bin\Debug\Dados"
Error: """
unknown:944: Glib-Critical **:g_convert:assertion 'str != NULL' failed
unknown:944: Gtk-Critical **:gtk_entry_set_text:assertion 'text != NULL' failed
  Even though i am not sending him a null string. My bet is something wrong with
Gtk#!? Doesn't crashes the application and seems to work well and exactly as
intended. Still, it must say "Critical" for some reason and it also looks
unprofessional to have the app throwing errors or warnings.
  What am i doing wrong? Or what can i do to change that?

  2- When i retreive from the button the path of the file selected by the user,
how can i (easily) retreive a path related to the execution path? As in, instead
of returning me this:
I would prefer:
  So, when presenting the variable to the user, it is much more simple. Also,
consistent to how they are presently implemented.
  Or is it not possible?

  # Please CC/BCC me too, since i am not registered to the list. #

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