[Mono-list] web services (soap) doesn't work too well when using SSL?

Lauri Kotilainen rytmis at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 11:09:22 EST 2007


> But I'm not responsible for the server side of this. I'm only writing a
> client using the service. And simply searching for 'ssl' mono's page
> doesn't return anything.

However, a search for "root certificate" on the site does. Try this
article: http://www.mono-project.com/FAQ:_Security

Also, you should understand that the root certificates are required on
the client side too, otherwise the client couldn't verify the
authenticity of the server's certificate. Or something to that tune.

> Besides, the error was the it was unable to connect, not that some
> certificate had expired. I guess that .Net in windows would complain too
> if that was the case.

I'd wager that MS.NET can use all the root certificates IE knows
about. If you take a look at the article I linked to, you'll probably
note the instructions on how to import the root certs from Mozilla
using mozroots.


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