[Mono-list] web services (soap) doesn't work too well when using SSL?

Rune Elvemo rune.elvemo at 3way.no
Wed Feb 7 08:56:11 EST 2007

I downloaded the sources from debian sid, and compiled it under debian
testing (aka 'etch').
I both tried running the old binary AND compiling it again. Do you know
what? Same reslut :(
Like I said before, since .wsdl files that are not using SSL works, I
have a feeling there's something regarding the SSL part that is buggy.

..and since my code did work as expected in windows, mono is definetely
the problem here

Btw: the version of mono I downloaded was

Too bad that .Net was the best way of doing SOAP, now I have to find
another way of doing it (and more work :( )

Rune Elvemo escribió:
> (...)
> Btw: I'm using Mono v (from latest ubuntu)

Webservices has been improved considerably in the latest releases so I 
would recommend you to upgrade (to or 1.2.3) and test again.


	Andrés	[ knocte ]


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