[Mono-list] mono and .net remoting

Mirek Binas Miroslav.Binas at cnl.tuke.sk
Sun Feb 4 01:38:44 EST 2007


i am trying to create a distributed application and for communication between the nodes i found .net remoting should be very useful. so - i started to learn something, trying and - it's working. but - the examples in the tutorials of course ;) so - whats the problem:

the nodes will be both types - the clients and the servers in the same time. there will be two types of nodes, so two types of remote objects. the server side is initialized and started right after start of the application.

the problem is, that some counting and other processing need to be done on each node and i need to run a timer on each node. and in this timer - i cannot make remoting work. hmm...

i created the channel and registered it in the Main() method - one channel for tcp communication for application. no problem, but its not working in the timer. so - i try to create another one in the timer, but also - its not working. all te examples i found on the internet were only showing the communication inside one application (no threads).

can anybody tell me, what is wrong? i am new in the .net remoting, so maybe i just missed something.

thanks a lot

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