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Sat Dec 29 02:52:23 EST 2007

i was wondering about a particular problem that we may encounter while
reading large xml text files. while we use asynch programming like beginread
to do out of the way read operations, there are n't any such methods defined
for xmltextreader class. although streams are supported and we can have
network, file streams that do support beginread operations but then the
xmltextreader doesn't have the director support for that. the problem arose
as i was developing a small app that would require reading rss feeds from
number os sources and i need to skip a lot of un wanted nodes. what i wanted
is a begintread method wherein i could call the rss file and get invoked to
the main console app that after completion.

is there any work around for that ? I mean using network stream and then use
beginread instead of the normal read() method.

the second question is based on an article written in msdn, xmltextreader
cannot read file above 2GB. why is this limititation imposed when it is a
forward only reader. or is there any such limitation imposed by mono's
implementation of the same.

the third is, is xmltextreader a recursive descent parser following a top
down approach and if yes (i assume and believe that it is), is it
implemented in the anbtract xmlreader class or in the xmltextreader.

any answers will be highly appreciated
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