[Mono-list] Mono and AJAX

Thomas Hansen thomas at frostinnovation.no
Fri Dec 21 07:59:11 EST 2007

On 12/21/07, Garth Keesler <garthk at gdcjk.com> wrote:
> I am primarily a Dot.Net 2.0 C# developer, in some cases using Com
> Interop to work with legacy VBA apps. I am about to rewrite one of these
> apps and have permission to explore Open Source since we have no desire
> to upgrade all of our MS software (yet again). The two main options are
> Apache Geronimo with Java or JRuby and Mono. This is *not* an A vs B
> question. No flames please! :-) I just want to know the tool set that
> would be most appropriate for developing a Mono/AJAX application. It is
> not entirely clear to me which tools would make the development easiest.
> That includes an IDE since my days of using vi (or even JEdit) as my
> primary editor are long gone. Would I continue to use VS2005 or switch
> to MonoDevelop?  I understand that AJAX is primarily a client-side
> technology but ASP.Net AJAX has some nice features that appear to make
> development easier.
> Feedback welcome,
> Garth

Hi Garth, I am definitely biased since I work for Gaiaware myself, but
what I would have done if I was you was to use Gaia Ajax Widgets
instead of ASP.NET AJAX. Gaia works 100% with Mono (the last release)
and is a Dual Licensed library (GPL + commercial alternative)

Then what IDE to use I guess depends upon what type of person you are,
if you're used to having 100% WYSIWYG support then probably using
Visual Studio and test on Mono (OFTEN...!) would be the easiest
solution. If you don't mind dropping WYSIWYG and RAD then MonoDevelop
is a viable solution. (MonoDevelop will hopefully get full Design Time
support soon... Michael...? ;)

As long as you test OFTEN on Mono and are a bit cautios about
especially the latest LINQ parts and some of the "windows only" stuff
then binaries created on Windows with Visual Studio are 100%
compatible with Mono on Linux. Maybe share out a drive or
something...? I am using WMVare and just doing drag and drop on my
main website folder from my virtual Windows Image to my Main Ubuntu
system to create code myself and test on Linux/Mono...

Though there has been HUGE upgrades to MonoDevelop and the team
working on MD has definitely been doing a LOT of great stuff, I still
think especially for ASP.NET some crucial parts are unfortunately


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