[Mono-list] Gaia Programming Contest 10,000 EURO prize

Thomas Hansen thomas at frostinnovation.no
Thu Dec 20 05:58:21 EST 2007

Howdy all fellow monkeys, we've "gone live" with our programming
contest today and we've published a news article about it and a blog
(which will appear in the Monologue website whenever that updates ;)

Read the specifics here;


There's a document (PDF) there somewhere which describes the rules for
the contest (I hope you Miguel as one of the judges are happy with it,
Bård never got a reply from you so we had to move on ;)
Basically it MUST be GPL and it MUST be FOSS bottoms ups (meaning it
must be compilable and run on Mono)

Anyway, it's open for everyone to join in, though not "companies"... ;)

I hope you could all help us spread the word about this, sure we have
a commercial interest in this but that doesn't make our idealistic
motives any smaller though :)

Have a nice day all fellow monkeys :)

Thomas Hansen

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