[Mono-list] Update on Mono install on Nokia N810

Norm Byers norm at byersservices.com
Mon Dec 17 18:51:36 EST 2007

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I'll gladly test anything I can for you. You'll find I'm considerably
ignorant about Linux,Maemo,and OS2008 (however I have 30 years of experience
dating from DEC pdp-8's and Windows experience dating from Windows 1.01).
Hope I can still be of some help. If my Nokia N810 gets messed up I'll
happily even re-flash my OS2008 if necessary. This N810 is for R&D. I may
even consider building a Linux system so I can build Mono from most recent
sources and help as needed. Is there a specific Linux you recommend for Mono

Anyhow, I was using Mono 1.2.5 mono for Maemo in my testing. Its the
pre-built binary referred to from the mono maemo page. As I said, I managed
to successfully install it without the .install simply by creating an
Application catalogue entry.  I verified mono with a --version option, and
did run (from xterminal) a single line C# console app built with MS VS 2005
designed to simply write "this is a test" to the console.  It worked
although with some strange warning message in addition to outputing my text.

I've attached my extremely simple gui app that failed. I've not checked the
default references too carefully. I just created a VS 2005 default wizard C#
windows app with a single form, put a single label on the form, and built
it. I didn't even look carefully at the settings and references. I'll
examine it more carefully as soon as possible. I believe I mentioned that
the app ran without errors on Windows XP Mono 1.2.6 (executed as: mono
TestWin.exe ) and presented the expected dialog window.

- Norm Byers
Byers Services LLC
Littleton Colorado
 http://www.reefdiver.com - "its better in the Bahamas" 

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I am cced the mono-list so more people can share our experiences and maybe
help us.

Since your application don't uses Gtk or Hildon library it must works on new
OS2008. Anyway, maybe because glib in OS2008 is also changed.

What Mono version you have installed on device?
Could you send me this application sources so I can test here?


On Dec 17, 2007 3:16 PM, Norm Byers <norm at byersservices.com> wrote:
> Everaldo,
> I created a small console app in c-sharp on my win XP using Visual 
> Studion 2003. (I usually use VS 2005). The app did nothing but write 
> out "This is a test".
> I moved it to the Nokia and executed: mono ConTest.exe
> Interestingly, it actually ran and printed out "This is a test", but 
> also
> returned: [mono[3811]: GLIB WARNING ** default - : mprotect failed:
> Permission denied.
> Anyhow, I appear to have installed mono, but apparently am just 
> missing perhaps something having to do with hildon widgets required by 
> peditgtksharp
> - Norm Byers
> Byers Services LLC
> Littleton Colorado
> 303-791-7425
> http://www.reefdiver.com - "its better in the Bahamas" 
> http://www.kalenor.com

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