[Mono-list] Mono.Facebook

Julien Sobrier julien at sobrier.net
Thu Dec 20 01:49:56 EST 2007

I've just realized thaere is a Mono.Facebook implementation in SVN. It
seems more complete than the "official" .Net Facebool.dll done for
Microsoft (for example, Mono does provide the URL for the big *and*
small user picture).

I was wondering what is the status of this library, and what is planned
for the future. Do you recommend to use this one rather than the
"official" one? What is the difference between Mon.Facebook and

BTW,  there are 2 API I couldn't find in Mono.Facebook
* session valiation: find out if a session is valid from the Faebook URI
parameters, private and public key (without actually tryingto establish
the facebook session, as described at the end of
* ordered list of friends: it is not possible to oder a list of Friend
simple bythe  last name to match the way Facebook oders it under the
Friends tab. For example, if a last name is made of 2 words like "de
Vaux", Facebook puts it at V, not at D. I guess it is the same thing for
"van ...", "von ...", etc.

Thank you

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