[Mono-list] Update on Mono install on Nokia N810

Everaldo Canuto everaldo.canuto at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 14:09:52 EST 2007


I am cced the mono-list so more people can share our experiences and
maybe help us.

Since your application don't uses Gtk or Hildon library it must works
on new OS2008. Anyway, maybe because glib in OS2008 is also changed.

What Mono version you have installed on device?
Could you send me this application sources so I can test here?


On Dec 17, 2007 3:16 PM, Norm Byers <norm at byersservices.com> wrote:
> Everaldo,
> I created a small console app in c-sharp on my win XP using Visual Studion
> 2003. (I usually use VS 2005). The app did nothing but write out "This is a
> test".
> I moved it to the Nokia and executed: mono ConTest.exe
> Interestingly, it actually ran and printed out "This is a test", but also
> returned: [mono[3811]: GLIB WARNING ** default - : mprotect failed:
> Permission denied.
> Anyhow, I appear to have installed mono, but apparently am just missing
> perhaps something having to do with hildon widgets required by peditgtksharp
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