[Mono-list] Process.Exitcode is always less than 255

Jeffrey Stedfast fejj at novell.com
Sun Dec 16 14:16:39 EST 2007

Programs under Linux always return a value between 0 and 255
(inclusively), they cannot return anything outside of that range.


On Tue, 2007-12-11 at 22:35 -0800, sumesh0710 wrote:
> Hello 
>  I have a dotnet program which is compiled in .net 2003 in windows. I run
> this program in linux. It calls a c program in process.start() method from
> .net. Upon some error conditions the c program returns the error code to
> .net program. The problem is here. Suppose i return an error code 2053, and
> when i read this code from process.exitcode in .net, what i get is 5. on
> experiment i found that, what ever i return from c program, .net resets it
> after 255. In above case its like 256*8=2048. 
> 2048+5=2053. and i get 5 in .net. In windows it works correctly.How to solve
> this problem?any idea? 

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