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My mail seems to keep getting delayed:
Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.
It has been a few days now, and its still happens. What's up with that?

My app now passes MOMA with all libs included. And still does not run, and
no errors, no matter what I do. The same binary works in windows.

I tried loading the solution in OPENSUSE/VMWARE mono develop, no luck, just
sat there forever trying to load the solution...

This is a fairly large app 200,000 lines est. in 5 projects in VS2008
targeting 2.0, I make a small usage of generics other than that is 1.1
mostly. All my code, so I know what's going on. The project involves a set
of custom windows forms control created from the ground-up. You can see an
old snapshot here
 of some of the controls to give you and idea.

Anyone have any ideas?


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> I have also tried "mono.exe myapp.exe 2> error.log" but the error log is
> empty.

What about running without redirection, what error is shown in the

> I'm using XP64 if it matters, and VS2008 beta.

Mono does not have a Win64 port, I do not know if the 32 bit binary
works on Windows, I guess it probably does.

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