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Hi, Andy

I have tried that, and I get nothing.


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Add --debug to the mono.exe options and you'll see any error output i.e.
mono.exe --debug myapp.exe


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> Hello,
>  I tested my app in MoMA, it passed.
> But when I try running the app in Windows using the command line:
> "mono.exe myapp.exe" is does not run.
> I have also tried "mono.exe myapp.exe 2> error.log" but the error log
> is empty.
> Any ideas what to try next?
> I'm using XP64 if it matters, and VS2008 beta.
> I have confirmed one of my app does work using mono.
> http://www.schneidersoft.com/Products/API-Diff_GUI.aspx
> Now I want my Windows controls to port.
> Thanks,
> Schneider
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