[Mono-list] SQL Server 2005 Support

Konstantin Bokarius bokarius at comcast.net
Sat Dec 15 18:04:29 EST 2007

I can't seem to get Mono connected to MS-SQL2005.  What Mono SQL Client
should I be using?


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MS-SQL 2005 works fine under Mono. But the additional features like
SqlNotification won't work.


On Dec 14, 2007 3:29 AM, Veerapuram Varadhan < vvaradhan at novell.com
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Hi Bokarius,

On Fri, 2007-12-14 at 02:52 -0800, Konstantin Bokarius wrote: 
> Does Mono have SQL Server 2005 support yet?  Which SQL Client
> available today would be the best bet?

SQLServer 2005 is yet to be supported in Mono and all prior versions are
very much supported. 

V. Varadhan

Veerapuram Varadhan <vvaradhan at novell.com>

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