[Mono-list] mono-xmltool and relaxng compact include

Travis Staloch twostepted at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 18:13:40 EST 2007


Oh yes, obviously need that too.  My mistake.  Here it is.

The simple.rnc I posted last message doesn't really make use of the contents of Strippable.rnc.  To fully test the include, we should make sure to use one of the objects defined in this file.  I've also posted a modified Simple.rnc below which does this.



strippableAttributes = (
  attribute strip {text}?, 
  attribute length {text}?, 
  attribute no_strip {text}?, 
  attribute start_pos {text}?, 
  attribute strip_after {text}?

Simple.rnc (modified)
include "Strippable.rnc"

element root {
  element child1 {text}* &
  element child2 {text}*

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