[Mono-list] [ANN] D-Bus Explorer v0.3

Jérémie LAVAL jeremie.laval at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 10:13:37 EST 2007

D-Bus Explorer is a GTK+ application, written in C#, which use NDesk’s managed D-Bus library (http://www.ndesk.org/DBusSharp) to display the API of D-Bus services. In summary, it’s a clone of dbus-viewer with a GTK+ interface.

Current features :
   * Can show the methods, signals and properties of any D-Bus service.
   * Description of each member prototype with, both, a standard and a C#-ish syntax (suitable for copy&paste in source code).
   * A clean GTK+ user interface.
   * Possibility to search/sort the displayed API.
   * Bus selection (session, system or user-defined).

Planned features :
   * Ability to invoke interface's members and see the result.
   * A Monitor dialog to visualize D-Bus activity.
   * Language-customizable prototypes (instead of only the current C#-ish representation).
   * Automatic generation of boilerplate code (like automagically creating the necessary interfaces with managed D-Bus).

More Informations & Downloads :

For more informations you can take a look at the project page : http://www.ndesk.org/DBusExplorer
If you have questions, bug reports or comments feel free to report them on #managed-dbus @ irc.gimp.org (look for Garuma).

Tarball and Debian package (built for Ubuntu but should works with Debian unstable) can be found there : http://www.ndesk.org/DBusExplorer#Downloads .

LAVAL Jérémie
jeremie.laval at gmail.com

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