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Thare are an answer for the bug #

I reporting it, but no answer :-(

2007/12/11, Scott Fluto <Scott.Fluto at cmgl.ca>:
> I reported a couple bugs so far but I havnt been able to isolate the
> problems since they seem to be random. I suspect some of them had to do
> with interop, especially doing interop in the distructor. We do a lot of
> interop and when the C# class gets destroyed it will do an interop call
> to the c++ side to cleanup its memory.  I found doing these interop
> calls in the destructor seems to cause a lot of the crashing and
> hanging. I still get crashes related to Hazard pointers that Im trying
> to pinpoint but that one is pretty random too. The randomness is what is
> driving me crazy though since its making it hard to isolate.
> scott
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> >         Does anyone have any ideas when 1.2.6 will be released. We are
> >         currently using 1.2.5 but we have bugs that are fixed in 1.2.6
> >         so
> >         we need to know when it will be release. I was using the
> >         pre-release of 1.2.6 but it randomly crashes so  Im waiting
> >         for the official release but im not sure when its scheduled.
> >         Anyone have any ideas when its planned to be relelased?
> We are hoping to release that as soon as possible (we were hoping for
> today, but it will depend on the QA team giving the OK to it).
> Now, you say things are crashing randomly, have you reported the bug?
> >
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