[Mono-list] mono 1.2.6

Scott Fluto Scott.Fluto at cmgl.ca
Tue Dec 11 14:19:13 EST 2007

I reported a couple bugs so far but I havnt been able to isolate the
problems since they seem to be random. I suspect some of them had to do
with interop, especially doing interop in the distructor. We do a lot of
interop and when the C# class gets destroyed it will do an interop call
to the c++ side to cleanup its memory.  I found doing these interop
calls in the destructor seems to cause a lot of the crashing and
hanging. I still get crashes related to Hazard pointers that Im trying
to pinpoint but that one is pretty random too. The randomness is what is
driving me crazy though since its making it hard to isolate.


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>         Does anyone have any ideas when 1.2.6 will be released. We are
>         currently using 1.2.5 but we have bugs that are fixed in 1.2.6
>         so
>         we need to know when it will be release. I was using the
>         pre-release of 1.2.6 but it randomly crashes so  Im waiting
>         for the official release but im not sure when its scheduled.
>         Anyone have any ideas when its planned to be relelased? 

We are hoping to release that as soon as possible (we were hoping for
today, but it will depend on the QA team giving the OK to it).

Now, you say things are crashing randomly, have you reported the bug?   

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