[Mono-list] mono 1.2.6

Scott Fluto Scott.Fluto at cmgl.ca
Tue Dec 11 09:30:15 EST 2007

hmm, greatest ever, I hope so. The problem is we are designing some of
the most complex .net applications with heavy interop to c++ and fortran
running in distributed clusters doing heavy simulations that take days
to run so it has to be stable and so far I cant get our current unit
tests to run very consistently under mono. Under windows they run
flawlessly but then microsoft has thousands of people working on .net .
Oh well, I can always hope. On the good side, I don't have much hair
left to pull out.




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I have no idea, but this is going to be the greatest release ever :)


On Dec 4, 2007 6:30 PM, Scott Fluto <Scott.Fluto at cmgl.ca> wrote: 

Does anyone have any ideas when 1.2.6 will be released. We are currently
using 1.2.5 but we have bugs that are fixed in 1.2.6 so
we need to know when it will be release. I was using the pre-release of
1.2.6 but it randomly crashes so  Im waiting for the official release
but im not sure when its
scheduled. Anyone have any ideas when its planned to be relelased? 


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