[Mono-list] Mono 1.2.6 preview 3 is out!!

Dan Smithers dsmithers at talktalk.net
Tue Dec 11 05:53:40 EST 2007

Strangely, after logging out and logging in again this morning it seems
to work.

curious ...



Thomas Wiest wrote:
> Dan Smithers wrote:
>> I have built this for Ubutu 7.04, (mono-1.2.6, libgdiplus-1.2.6,
>> gtksharp-2.8.4), but I can't get monodevelop (0.17) to run. I've not
>> tried earlier version of monodevelop as I get an error
>> Could not load file or assembly: gnome-vfs-sharp version
>> Everything claims to been installed correctly.
>> What have I missed?
> Hmm, not sure. I doubt this is a mono bug. You might want to ask for
> help on the MonoDevelop mailing list.
> Thomas

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