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dtemes at infoco.es dtemes at infoco.es
Mon Dec 10 16:24:17 EST 2007

The same was happening to me with mono 1.2.5 so I kept my system in 1.2.4
until today, I have tested the 1.2.6 preview 3 and everything is working
really well (just installed from the bin installer). Give it a try if you
are not using it already.

My .net 2.0 app runs on a Xen server with Debian Sarge.

BTW, thanks guys for the hard work!!! 1.2.6 looks really promising. Wish
the dotNetCharting control could run on mono/linux...it's the only missing
peace i need to replace but I have not found any real candidate



> Hi guys,
> I'm trying to use Forms authentication but am getting strange problems.  I
> understand from a previous port that System.Web relies on
> System.Windows.Forms which I guess then relies on gdiplus.  When I load a
> page that references the <asp:Login> component I get a strange message
> "Color X is not a valid color."  If I take out all the colours I then get
> "System.DllNotFoundException: gdiplus.dll".  I dont have this on the
> system for some reason but I added gdiplus.s to /usr/lib and called
> ldconfig but still get the same.
> Help! is appreciated.
> Regards,
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