[Mono-list] First Posting..

Gavin Landon Gavin.Landon at ignitetech.com
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Thanks, I'll signup for that one as well. 

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torsdag 06 December 2007 skrev Gavin Landon:
> Hope this is the right list, general right?..   Just though I would
> hey after just signing up.
> I work for a company that is starting to redesign our VC6 Windows
> software to run cross platform.   We have just recently downloaded and
> started playing with Mono so I figured I best get on some list of 
> people that know what they are doing since I'm a unix/mac nub..

Welcome abord then :-)

I think we are several people in the sort of position - crossplatform at

In my experience, most of the very technical discussion actually take
place on mono-devel though.



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