[Mono-list] Mono without binfmt

Tim Anderson Tim at onlyconnect.co.uk
Wed Dec 5 07:23:19 EST 2007

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> We do not use binfmt in Mono.   We merely document it for some people
> to
> use, but internally we stay clear of it (as it is not portable to
> MacOS,
> Solaris and other Unices).
> I believe the issue is that the tool pkg-config is not installed,
> is what is invoked by the -pkg: command line argument.

Thanks for responding.

You are correct, apologies.

What puzzles me is that in /usr/lib/cli there is a single file:


This may be to do with the way Debian has packaged mono? Will it cause
problems, given that binfmt is not going to work?


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