[Mono-list] TCPClient not normal bevaiour

Phillip N. pneumann at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 08:28:47 EST 2007

Hi alan,

Thanks for your response.

Actually, it think its bizarre too, but it the way a library im using
does it. :)

kangoroo at irc, sudgested it could be a encoding problem.

And its true.. LANG=C does solve the thing.

Anyway, is this a bug?


El mar, 04-12-2007 a las 21:07 +0000, Alan McGovern escribió:
> Attach a compilable testcase so the behavior can be checked. That'll
> make it easier to spot the issue. The only thing i'd say is that the
> way you've created the streamwriter is probably the most bizarre way
> i've ever seen. It's identical to this: 
> StreamWriter writer = new StreamWriter(socket.GetStream());
> except you're creating two additional streamwriters for some unknown
> reason. The additional bytes could be a byte order mark. What happens
> if you do a .Receive() in c#, do you get just the 5 bytes? 
> Alan.
Phillip N. <pneumann at gmail.com>

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