[Mono-list] mono 1.2.6

Scott Fluto Scott.Fluto at cmgl.ca
Tue Dec 4 13:02:25 EST 2007

The problem is that they are so random I cant give any isolated tests.
I have about 500 tests and it could happen on any of them. 

file reflection.c: line 9694 (mono_reflection_lookup_dynamic_token):
assertion failed: (obj).
This error happens about 5% of the time running the tests and it can
happen in random places.

** (process:10045): ERROR (recursed) **: file threads.c: line 386
(mono_hazard_pointer_get): assertion failed: (current_thread &&
current_thread->small_id >= 0)
This error maybe happens 5% of the time.

Other times,The tests just stop running randomly, running with mono full
debugging on that doesnt seem to help. This random hanging is  a bit
more disconcerting though.

I have also been running from the sources and the 11/21/2007 build seems
to be better then the 1.2.6 pre-release. 

Im still trying to isolate the issues but the company is about the cut
the time devoted to isolated the problems so Im really hoping 1.2.6
release will make things better,
if not we may reconsider our mono stategy but Im still looking into it



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There isn't currently a firm date scheduled.

Have you reported these "random crashes"?  We're not aware of them, so  
you must file a bug with a test case so we can fix them before we ship  


On 4-Dec-07, at 12:30 PM, Scott Fluto wrote:

> Does anyone have any ideas when 1.2.6 will be released. We are  
> currently
> using 1.2.5 but we have bugs that are fixed in 1.2.6 so
> we need to know when it will be release. I was using the pre-release  
> of
> 1.2.6 but it randomly crashes so  Im waiting for the official release
> but im not sure when its
> scheduled. Anyone have any ideas when its planned to be relelased?
> thanks
> scott
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