[Mono-list] mono_hazard_pointer??

Scott Fluto Scott.Fluto at cmgl.ca
Mon Dec 3 10:07:14 EST 2007

When we run our unit tests under mono every once and a while all the
unit tests will start failing with this error:

** (process:10045): ERROR (recursed) **: file threads.c: line 386
(mono_hazard_pointer_get): assertion failed: (current_thread &&
current_thread->small_id >= 0)


Since we started using the source code from October to now , we started
getting more of these hazard point errors. I cant really pinpoint how or
why since its so random, its like something snaps and everything after
that just starts failing with the mono_hazard_pointer. 


Can anyone shed any like on this. I would raise a bug issue but I cant
really give any examples yet.





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